FVE INELSEV s.r.o. Velebudice




Project name: FVE INELSEV s.r.o. Velebudice

Registration number: CZ.31.3.0/0.0/0.0/22_001/0002629

Project description: The project is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery Plan. The main objective of the project is to save energy. The subject of the project is the construction, installation and connection of a new photovoltaic power plant INELSEV s.r.o. in the Velebudice area. The installed electrical capacity of the plant is 40kWp for the site's own consumption with possible overflows to the grid, without accumulation.





INELSEV s.r.o.

Husitská 1716
434 01 Most
Phone: +420 474 721 602

ID: 25001582
Tax ID: CZ25001582
Data Box ID: 3t8bw6z

INELSEV s.r.o. branch office Most

Dělnická 34
434 01 Most - Velebudice
Phone: +420 474 721 602
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