CV - Klášterec nad Ohří


New HV switchgear located in the new service transformer station was connected from the exiting LV network using new cable loop (PS 01 – service transformer station CV_0139 – technological part; new HV switchgear Siemens, type 8DJH, specification KKT installed into the station; new cable loop connected with T-connectors 22kV CTS630A)

HV underground line

Existing HV underground line 3x 22-AXEKVCE 1x240mm2 between DTS CV_1100 Klášterec-Pivovar and CV_0739 Klášterec-Lidl shopping centre was cut in the ground; new cable loop made of underground line VN 3x 22-AXEKVCE 1x240mm2 was connected to the existing HV cable by new direct cable joints POLJ24/1x120-240

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