Construction of a new gas-insulated 110kV Unipetrol RPA substation, Záluží area

Implementation: 1.1.2020 - 04.2022
110kV switchgear - 27 fields
Control cabinets including protection - 27 pcs
Switchboards for self-consumption complete construction
Battery backup power supply including inverters etc.
Modifications to protection in powered sets PCH, R200, R700, RAP
Complete HVAC and heating of new substation and self-consumption substations including battery room
Complete lighting of the new substation and new self-consumption substations
Construction of new routes for HV and LV cabling including HV and LV cables.
Installation of HV terminals and couplings
Construction of new GIS substation and construction of self-consumption substations.
Relocation of existing networks

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